Journal of Neuroinflammation is an open access, peer-reviewed online journal that focuses on innate immunological responses of the nervous system, involving microglia, astrocytes, cytokines, chemokines, and related molecular processes.


  • Sue T Griffin, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  • Robert E Mrak, University of Toledo College of Medicine


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Neurodegenerative diseases


Attenuation of microglial activation in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease via NFAT inhibition

Rojanathammanee L, Floden AM, Manocha GD and Combs CK

Journal of Neuroinflammation 2015, 12:42

Demyelinating diseases


Prolactin in combination with interferon-β reduces disease severity in an animal model of multiple sclerosis

Zhornitsky S, Johnson TA, Metz LM, Weiss S and Yong VW

Journal of Neuroinflammation 2015, 12:55



Malibatol A regulates microglia M1/M2 polarization in experimental stroke in a PPARγ-dependent manner

Pan J, Jin J, Ge H, Yin K, Chen X, Han L, Chen Y, Qian L et al.

Journal of Neuroinflammation 2015, 12:51

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